A true ride down to memory lane

Limited First Edition 2019

After the 2017 exhibition, I though this project was over.
An idea that was shaped one morning at 3am, was a reality, and everyone was happy.
Specially me. I underestimated the amount of time, effort and money that I had to invest in it, and finally I was witnesing the finish lineā€¦
And then, people started asking me
"What's next?"
"Are you going to print a book?"
"Are you going to have this exhibition somewhere else?"

So here we are now, more than a year later, with additional cars and a coffee table book presented at the Ballarat International Foto Biennale.
The video showcases the original prototype, and I'll soon update it with the final book

Thanks for your support.


First Edition
Limited [337] Hard cover 30x30cm
100 Full-colour pages

$67.00 (+Delivery)

As the number of limited edition books is coming down, the price will be increased.
Based on the current sales rate, the new price starting on the 1 November 2019 will be $80.00
This is a way to express my gratitude to those who believed in this project from the early stages.
The book will never be on sale, it will always increase in value.