VW Kombiwagen

Found at Shannon's Auction Headquarters
13 Apr 2017
Moorabbin, VIC Australia

When I saw that Shannon's was having its autumn auction in the coming days, I went to Shannon's Auctions website and check to see if any car was from 1967.
I found quite a few but my main focus was on a Saab 96 which was a brand I was missing in this project.
Still I took some time to photograph an Impala and this Kombi
After so many months looking for Kombis, and finally finding one near Sydney, I was surprised to find another one.
This was painted in a pastel blue still reminded me of the hippie era. It even have a air freshener with the "Peace and Love" logo matching the colours of the van.
Even though both kombis are from the same age, it's clear that they've been restored a bit differently.
This one was equipped to resemble more a camper van.

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