Ford Mustang 302

Found at Geelong Revival Car Show without its owner
26 Nov 2016
Geelong, VIC Australia

The second Mustang I found was while visiting the Geelong Revival
I found that a good place to look for specific cars are at the car shows.
There is always a good variety of historic cars their owners still drive and are not only for display purposes
The challenge to photograph these cars is to reduce the clutter surrounding them: too many people, too many cars and it's hard to avoid unwanted reflections.
Although I already had a Mustang 67 photographed in Copenhagen, I couldn't leave this one out, but after this one I actually stoped looking for Mustangs. There are so many that probably I could have just photographed 50 Mustangs for this project and it might have been easier that finding different models.
For this car, I couldn't contact the owner, so I only verified the year through it's plate number.

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