Jaguar Type E Series 1 4.2

Owner: Paul
25 Feb 2017
Dandenong, VIC Australia

The first time I could have shoot a Jaguar Type E 1967 was at Motorclassica 2016 (in Mexico we didn't have much access to imported cars for a long time).
However, the pictures I took at Motorclassica were not up to my standards, so I started a quest to find another one.
The second time at the Great Australian Rally sponsored by RACV I went better prepared and as soon as I found the Jags area, I head up there and saw a couple but only one from 1967 (the blue one on the pictures above)
I was not aware that there were actually two different versions of the Type E, so having them one next to the other helped me to see that the main difference was the shape of the roof to accomodate two extra passengers.
After a few weeks I finally found the same car I was looking for. Well actually it probably wasn't this exact same car, but it was like this one in every aspect
I contacted Paul at the now extinct Eastlink BP gatherings, but didn't photographed the car for the same reasons I could't photograph the Cyclone then... It was too crowded
Finally I went to Paul's business (he builds caravans and custom cars with such a skill that seems to be an easy work)
The most agreeable surprise is that the car is only a fraction interesting of what Paul is.
He wears custom made clothes accordingly to the car he's driving, and since his car collection is quite vast, you can easily imagine that he has enough characters and stories to write a novel.