Toyota RT Corona

Owner: Cece, contacted at MRADMC's Picnic at Hanging Rock
12 Feb 2017
Macedon Ranges, VIC Australia

This is one of those unexpected stories found at the car shows.
Most of the car owners I've meet are usually over 65 and retired. I might even be a youngster among them.
However, last weekend at MRADMC's Picnic at Hanging Rock I was very surprised to find this Toyota Corona whose owner is only 21 years of age.
While I was explaining to some of the organisers what the Year 67 project is about, another photographer heard my story and told me that there was a Corona 67 nearby. He pointed me in the direction where the car was and even showed me a picture from the back of his camera, so I could identify the car better. I walked through some muscle cars and at the end of the parking there it was, in the most secluded section of the car show.
A family was having a picnic behind and I confirmed with them about the year of the car. I assumed the dad (Ken) was the owner, but the mom told me "It's my daughter's car".
I missed to ask her name but for the plates registration I assume is Cece (I need to verify it with them).
I asked how she came to own this car ans she said that she found it in Gumtree and thought it was cool.
Indeed this car has a lot of character, and being the first Japanese on the Year 67 collection, I loved it.