VW Kombiwagen

Owner: Prefers to stay anonymous.
1 Jan 2017
Sydney Suburbs, NSW Australia

This was an absolute and amazing coincidence. Almost as incredible to the one when I found the Mercedes Benz Unimog
When I finished photographing a car we came back to its garage to park and two spaces away was this incredible well restored Kombi.
Since I've been looking for a Kombi for a while I kind of recognised the features and thought that it could be from 1967... Still I wasn't sure.
For my good fortune I could trace the plate number to the rego information and in fact it was from 1967
Since the space was quite constrained, I took some photographs from wherever angles I could, but I was not able to find any way to photograph the front (which I believe is one of the most distinctive features of this model).
With additional luck, another neighbour arrived and I asked him if he knew the owner. He said he did, and pointed me in the right direction. A bit worried because I was warned that the owner appreciate privacy very much, I knocked at the door and after introducing myself and explaining the project the owner agreed to move the car so I could take some photographs of the front, the windows open and the dashboard
At the end we had a very good conversation and I believe I can say that I found a new friend with a lot in common.
I guess that's how life goes when you're open... Just like the spirit embraced in a Kombi.

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