Mercury Comet Cyclone

Owner: Sam from The Mustang Shop
8 Apr 2017
Rowville, VIC Australia

I found Sam at one of the gatherings at Eastlink BP, but I didn't photographed the car because it was very crowded and dark (In fact, after that day, the car gatherings at the Eastlink BP were cancelled, because the police considered to become a potential public risk).
After a couple of months that the stars were not aligning, I finally was able to visit Sam at his home and find a nice shade to photograph it.
My fist query, was to know how should I name the car... Although the common name was Mercury Cyclone, I discovered that the plate on the door says Ford Comet. Sam explained to me that the Mercury Cyclone was a performance model of the Comet, so it could actually be called Mercury Comet Cyclone GT
We spoke quite a long time about life, marketing and cars among other topics, so thanks for being so patient for one of the longest sessions I have had so far.