Chevrolet Chevelle SS

Owner: On display at The Healey Factory
3 Dec 2016
Whitehorse, VIC Australia

This model is one of those that might have been quite popular in 1967 since I found two for this project. The first one was when I was on my way back form dropping my son to a party and I saw this car dealership.
At that time of the night I could only see an Austin Healey, but I decided to come back and check if by any chance they would have cars from 1967.
When I told Dave and Russell about the "YEAR67" project, they were extremely kind and patient with me. The first car they let me photograph was this car which I remember being a very popular car when I was a kid in Mexico.

This one was ready for delivery, since they had recently sold it. They were kind enough to bring the car to their back yard so I could spend about an hour with it.

Thanks to the Healey Factory and their staff who they all were very friendly and helped me all the way to get the cars to their back yard

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