Ford Mustang GTA

Owner: Emin
21 Sep 2016
Copenhagen, Denmark

On or way to see the little mermaid (the sculpture, not the movie), my wife and son took a different route and rang me when they saw a couple of "old cars".
When I got closer I could see that one was clearly a 1967 Ford Mustang (the other car was a Jaguar but for this project it was a 1968. I excluded it from the project, to my later regret).
I walk down to the docks, spoke to the owner (who fortunately spoke english) and after explaining him the project, he was happy to participate and even pose for a couple of pictures (Emin, I hope you liked the pictures I sent you).
Initially I thought there were only one model of Mustangs for that year, but when I shoot this one I realised it had an extra pair of headlights.
When I was writing this post I researched a bit and now I know there where two main models: the base and the GT with eight different variations on engine size.

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